Infocom CCTV 24/7 Monitoring System

An IP CCTV solution that does not break the bank. Infocom’s line of cameras and NVRs provide a comprehensive system that can be customized to fit the customer’s varying needs, supporting continuous and reliable monitoring operations

FishEye Camera


See everything in a single view. The ultra-wide viewing angles of the fish eye camera allows for monitoring a large area from a single point.

PTZ Camera


See the big picture with your fish eye and fixed camera but use a PTZ camera to focus and zoom in to view details of ongoing events.

Vandal Proof Camera


Where security is vital, solidly constructed cameras with metal bases and polycarbonate covers provide resistance to tampering and vandalism.

Innovation is Our Middle Name

Lemcon aims to define the future of the security industry thru end-to-end solution by providing unique expertise and bring the perfect solution for commercial, educational and government security necessities.

Lemcon has established to become the leader in the Telecom Network infrastructure and proudly being the forefront in network development and integration of IP-Base facilities such as Wi-Fi, IPPBX and Security Systems solutions

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Latest CCTV Analytics


ACTi IVS Server 1 is a video analytics software designed to transform your video surveillance network into a smart detection system. This software uses advanced image processing algorithms to recognize humans and everyday objects.

ALPR technology

Applying Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) technology, ACTi now helps you build a smarter surveillance system. ACTi ALPR Server 2 is a video analytics software designed to detect and recognize vehicle license plates.

Home and Office Automation Solution

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Door Access

CCTV System

PABX System


Why Infocom CCTV

CCTV systems for residential becomes a practical necessity for individuals to monitor the properties from intruders, robbers and other unwanted visitors strolling around your home.

Securing business establishments is one of the major factors to strengthen the operation by monitoring the daily activities of employees and securing the premises by screening the movement on the high-risk areas and to prevent unauthorized and suspicious activities.

Government properties becomes the high value target for terrorism because of its accessibility to the public. Providing an intelligent security surveillance system prevents suspicious individuals on their attempts on criminal activity. Infocom CCTV, has a wide range of special cameras with built in analytics that will help and secure the government offices.

2000+ people have put their trust in CCTV, How about you?